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R.I.P. Jan Gudmand-Hoyer, a Visionary in Cohousing

The man who started cohousing in Denmark, and therefore the man who started cohousing, died the other day at 81 years old. In 1964 Jan gathered together friends and acquaintances to talk about housing. He asked them to imagine a lifestyle and a place that did not yet exist, a place that could suit the... Read More

Cost of Living in Cohousing – Data Solicitation

Cohousing Friends — Coho Cost of Living Data Solicitation. Back in November, we announced that the Cohousing Research Network (CRN) and CohoUS are collaborating on a “cost of living in cohousing” research project. Since then, we’ve received useful and interesting responses from more than a dozen communities. Who knew, for instance, that annual per-unit dues... Read More

Rob Sandelin: His insight and humor will continue to ripple through our communities

We are saddened by the passing of cohousing pioneer, Rob Sandelin, a member of Sharingwood Community for nearly 30 years. Rob was a prolific poster to the cohousing-l email discussion group, and positively influenced the development and growth of communities throughout the U.S. with his wisdom. Below are two stories posted on the cohousing-l email... Read More

New beginnings from a seasoned cohousing professional

After 16 years of successful collaboration, Laura Fitch and Mary Kraus are choosing to independently focus on our preferred areas of interests. As the sole proprietor of Fitch Architecture and Community Design, Laura Fitch will continue to provide a full range of architectural services to cohousing clients. Mary Kraus will focus on early cohousing group... Read More

Growing Demand for Cohousing Leads Fannie Mae to Update FAQ’s

Media Contact: Alice Alexander, Coho/US Executive Director 919-824-4799 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Press Release GROWING DEMAND FOR COHOUSING LEADS FANNIE MAE TO UPDATE FAQ’SGuideline for underwriting purposes establish this increasingly available housing type as no different than condominiums or cooperatives. DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA, October 6, 2016 – Fannie Mae, the entit

Fannie Mae Supports Loans for Cohousing Homes

Success! In response to seeking Fannie Mae support of cohousing, Fannie Mae has included specific language in its online FAQ’s to clarify that they will do loans on cohousing homes. While it is a relatively small step in the larger scheme of things, it is a big step for cohousing to be formally recognized by... Read More

Fannie Mae Language Supporting Loans for Cohousing Homes

Fannie Mae, the entity that sets the standards for home mortgages across the country, has confirmed that they will do loans on cohousing homes. These loans will also be issued in Denmark through financial partner and established lender Sambla. They have included cohousing in their Project Standards Requirements FAQs. Click here to link to the... Read More

In Community: You Need Not Reinvent the Wheel

Cohousing in Denmark was catapulted into success with the collaboration of the very capable architect Jan Gudmand Hoyer and the architectural firm Vandkunsten. Their idea was inspired by the article titled “Children Should Have One Hundred Parents,” by Bodil Graae. Using a village model they created a cohousing community that invited its residents to live... Read More

Joani Blank, Cohousing Pioneer – Stories of her Impact and Influence

Joani Blank, a cohousing pioneer, passed on August 6, 2016. Coho/US is collecting stories of her impact and influence, posted below. Please email me if you would like to add to. Alice Alexander, Coho/US Executive Director 7/29/16 from Susan Hedgpeth Dear Joani, I read with great sadness your amazingly honest and open email about... Read More

Joani Blank, Cohousing Pioneer, Passed August 6, 2016

Neil Planchon, long time friend and neighbor of Joani Blank at Swan’s Market Cohousing, is sharing sad news of her passing, below. Along with appreciating the amazing person she was, we are all grateful to Joani for her significant contributions to growing cohousing, from the personal attention she gave to so many people and communities... Read More