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Opening the Door to Cohousing in China

Many of you may remember the story of Gou (Joy) Chuangjing and her five colleagues from China who attended the 2015 National Cohousing Conference. In June last year, I shared correspondence from her, thanking all of us for a great conference experience (below). Thanks to Megan Shea from Berkeley, California, we have an update on... Read More

Building Skills and Community In South Africa, Cont’d

[Editor’s Note: Cindy Burns profiles the continuing journey made with Steven Ablondi of their work and impact in South Africa in creating the first cohousing community, in Memel, South Africa. Bryan Bowen with Caddis Architecture in Boulder has been a generous and significant contributor.] Happy New Year families and friends. Our annual sojourn to South... Read More

Co-living: urban phenomenon is a variant on co-working

A friend of mine, Tree Bressen, recently pointed me in the direction of an article in Fast Company entitled: “How Krash And Other Startups Are Taking Coworking Home: It’s called co-living, and it’s all the rage.” Leaving aside my reaction to the name “co-living” (did the originators think they’d invented the concept of shared housing?),... Read More

London Visit – to the Newest Cohousing Community in the UK

In January while in London, my wife and I visited what is probably the newest multi-generational cohousing community in the UK: Springdale Gardens Cohousing. It is in the middle of a block, completely surrounded by row houses, in the Stoke Newington district of north London. It consists of a single building with six units on... Read More

Rancho La Salud, Ajijic, Mexico Co-housing

From the website ( ): “Our goals include building residences that are beautiful, comfortable, resource efficient and sustainable. Our site design will have extensive common facilities surrounded by a lush landscape and connected by handsome walkways. But we plan to take it two steps further – by creating a true sense of community, and... Read More