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You may have heard that a new website is on its way. The website is a central part of the services The Cohousing Association of the US offers. As a clearinghouse of information and connecter of people and communities, our website is one of our most effective tools for doing what we do. The... Read More

Elephant Journal Talks Community and Cohousing with Steven and Bryan

The U.S. Cohousing Association is a national organization but strives to acknowledge relevant happenings in the wider world related to cohousing. Last week, Elephant Journal, a grassroots news organization with a focus on mindful living, interviewed Steven Ablondi and Bryan Bowen about their work with Memel.Global based in South Africa. Of course, cohousing principles radiated... Read More

Cohousing: One Day a Fact of Life

One day, cohousing won’t be an underground movement but a fact of life. From the people I’ve met and the stories I’ve heard, we’re well on the way. Can’t wait. –Jim Leach Wonderland Hill Development, at the Aging Better Together Conference in Salt Lake City, May 2016 Hear, hear! Creating a cohousing-friendly environment – and... Read More