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Your Cohousing Community and Sex Offenders

Many communities wonder about protecting community members, especially children from sex offenders. While some members feel strongly that background checks should be used, others object to relying on the criminal justice system (which many view as racist and unfair) as a source of information.  Read on for a detailed explanation of what a background check... Read More

Do You Feel Safe & Secure? Continued

In response to my Do You Feel Safe & Secure? blog, I received this thoughtful comment. I applaud the community’s plan on hiring an outside facilitator. I also encourage those with similar concerns to attend our Dealing with Diverse Personalities Retreat. Since last exchanging emails with you (National Cohousing Open House Day), there have been... Read More

Do You Feel Safe & Secure?

Do you feel safe and secure? Given the appalling violence profiled in daily, that has to be a question that arises for each of us. Despite pleas also constantly voiced that we should not give in to fear, we naturally question our security, and the resultant stress can chip away at our confidence and happiness....