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A Request from our CoHoUS Strategic Partner, The Cohousing Research Network

As this year draws to a close, the Cohousing Research Network (the research arm of the Cohousing Association) is asking our community to help us continue to support the growth of Cohousing. As a volunteer-run organization with no paid staff, every dollar we raise goes directly towards projects and events. Even amodest gift helps and... Read More

Cohousing and Intentional Community: Does Terminology Matter?

Cohousing was one of my first introductions to collective living and the world of Intentional Communities. My father helped found Valley Oaks Village, in Chico, CA, in the mid-90’s. He and I moved into his unit in 1996, when I was 16, and I lived there for a year before I moved out on my... Read More

A Hard Nut to Crack: Intentional Community

I had the pleasure of meeting with Laird Schaub and other members of the FIC (Fellowship for Intentional Community) oversight committee, at Shannon Farm Community in Afton, Virginia. To start, this was affirmation of our beneficial collaborative partnership; as sister organizations, we both seek to build community. I offered that our cohousing model may be... Read More

Communities Magazine: a Pathway to Community

Yours with Words Ever since working on my high school newspaper (1965-67), I’ve wanted to be a journalist. While that has by no means been the only thing I’ve wanted to be, communication has been one of my enduring passions. Slowly, over the decades, I’ve succeeded. Starting in the 80s I occasionally authored magazine articles... Read More