One Opening Remains in Silverton Oregon

One Opening Remains in Silverton Oregon

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We are actively recruiting for our final member household. At present there are ten member households and we are enthusiastically seeking the eleventh. The available cottage is the Sunflower design, our largest at two stories, 1430 square feet, two bedroom, and two full baths. Please refer to the “Plans” section for complete details. Site improvements are under construction now (started July 15th) with house construction beginning in October of 2019 and completion in early winter of 2020. Current members have funded the purchase of the land and also paid for the planning, architectural work, surveying and establishment of the LLC (Limited Liability Company) that will be the developer of the project. In order to be a full member of the LLC, the eleventh household members need to start the membership process as soon as possible.

Silverton is a wonderful small town (10,000 souls) in the Willamette Valley. We are about 20 minutes from Salem and about 45 minutes from Portland. Visitors to Silverton comment on the warm vibe of the people, energetic downtown area, lively arts scene and close access to fantastic outdoor recreational opportunities.

Our small intentional community has generated a lot of interest from the town where folks were excited to join us at our ground breaking party and are now watching our progress. Both the Planning Commission and the City Council have pointed to our project as a model they want to support and hope to see replicated once we have shown how much value it adds economically and socially.

Contact us through our website for more info.

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$350,000 - $390,000
Evans Oaks Cottages

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