4-bedroom, 2-bath, 2nd-floor flat. Coho Ecovillage in Corvallis, Oregon. Fantastic community. Great location. Available now.

4-bedroom, 2-bath, 2nd-floor flat. Coho Ecovillage in Corvallis, Oregon. Fantastic community. Great location. Available now.

General Information

• 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths
• 1,327 square feet
• Upstairs flat (all on one level)
• 9-foot ceilings
• Big windows & plenty of daylight
• Bamboo floors
• Radiant floor heat throughout
• Solar panels (belonging exclusively to this unit)
• Washing machine + dryer hookup in place
• Solar tubes in kitchen & bathroom
• Gas range

• Year built: 2007
• Electric bill (the only utility paid directly by the homeowner): $24 per month (approximate average over a year) — solar panels help!
• HOA dues: $239 per month
• Share of common utilities (average): ~$50 per month (added on to HOA dues each month). Note: Common solar panels (different from the those belonging to residential units) help offset the common-space electric bill.
• Annual property tax (2019): $4,093.73
• Designed & built to high standards of sustainability and efficiency

1975 SE Crystal Lake Drive
Unit 222
Corvallis, Oregon 97333

Austin Bruce Hallock or Leela Devi
541-752-1784 (land line)
541-908-0891 (cell phone, texting okay)

We (the current owners of Unit 222) have lived here for 12 years. Now we're downsizing to another unit within Coho. Here are a few more reasons you might want to be our neighbor:

Coho Ecovillage is a vibrant intergenerational cohousing community of 34 households, thriving in Corvallis, Oregon, since 2007. It's a paradise for kids and ideal for everyone seeking connection in a supportive and safe community. The nine residential buildings are arranged along a common path, which encourages neighborly interaction. The focal point is the Common House for community activities and meals (includes a large dining-meeting-multipurpose room, kitchen & pantry, guest room, living room, kids play room, and laundry-game room). The 6.8 acre common property also features an enclosed bike barn with repair-&-maintenance station, a well-equipped workshop, a parking lot with available electric-car charging, plenty of space for gardening, shared gardening and landscaping tools, a greenhouse, a fruit orchard, a well-water irrigation system, a wilderness area, and a hot tub. Coho is well situated in a quiet neighborhood close to a large riverfront park (but out of the floodplain), a great food coop, Lincoln Elementary School, Oregon State University, and a vibrant downtown. City bus stops are nearby, and the system is entirely fareless. Coho maintains solid community finances and property management (generous reserve accounts, strong finance team, & well-managed preventive maintenance program). More information at cohoecovillage.org

We make decisions by consensus and use collaborative, needs-based communication techniques, such as NVC. We have an active team dedicated to maintaining our communication skills, and another team devoted to facilitating meetings, which are planned and conducted in a focused and inclusive manner. We're known for our well-run meetings. We also have a Conflict Resolution Team, which seeks to do exactly what the name implies, as well as head off potential conflicts. It's important that everyone's needs are heard and considered.

Coho is all about community. It's filled with caring, intelligent, articulate neighbors ready to share experiences and ideas. We're also rich in expertise. You can learn and share information and skills on everything from bike repair to communication, from woodworking to gardening. Numerous special-interest groups meet regularly on site (music, board games, book club, puzzles, crafts, community affairs, educational events, bicycling, etc.).

Living at Coho involves an expectation of participation in community work and activities, though of course no one participates in everything (there's just so much!). We strive to keep our HOA dues low and our community well connected by doing much of maintenance work ourselves. There are usually several optional community meals per week. You may help cook, prep, or clean up a couple of times a month, depending on your level of participation.

Coho cares deeply about sustainability. You'll find inspiration, support, and ready resources for living a sustainable lifestyle.

• Coho is on a good financial footing, with realistic contingency and maintenance reserve funds in place. Our Finance Team stays on top of things!
• Kids! We've got 'em — for your kids to play with or for you to talk to, play with, and befriend.
• It's relatively quiet here — some kid noise during the day, of course, but the neighborhood is quiet at night.
• The buildings are well-built — solid, tight, well insulated. Also they're built green — sustainable and nontoxic materials.
• There's plenty of room and incentive to garden. People are always trading and giving away seedlings, produce, and knowledge.
• Coho has large open spaces dedicated woodland and meadow. Besides that, we're next door to a cemetery with a big open grassy area that's okay to play in. Also the largest park in the city is just a 5-minute walk away. In addition to numerous ball fields, picnic areas, and a disc-golf course, the park features miles of footpaths meandering through open and wooded areas and along the Willamette River. We live relatively close to nature here, with a variety of birds and other wildlife in our midst.
• Coho enjoys amicable and mutually beneficial relations with the surrounding neighborhood. Many non-resident neighbors participate in our activities, and some are official "friends," taking a special interest in Coho.
• Coho has a big bike barn (secure & dry) with its own bike-maintenance area.

• Our vibrant downtown is less than 1.5 miles from Coho, an easy bike ride, or a 30 to 40-minute walk.
• Corvallis has a major university (OSU), providing many cultural opportunities and an abundance of well-educated citizens. In addition, the city features a wide range of resources for nourishment of mind, body, and spirit.
• We have a wonderful public library.
• Corvallis is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the U.S.
• First Alternative Food Co-op is first rate, with two locations in Corvallis, one of them within walking distance of Coho.
• Corvallis has a great farmers' market (twice weekly in summer, once a week in the winter). Plus there's a weekly neighborhood market right next to Coho with extremely local produce during spring and summer.
• Corvallis is favorably situated with respect to ocean beaches, mountains, waterfalls, old-growth forest, and larger metropolitan areas — all a short drive away.
• Free city bus service, with stops close to Coho.
• We have mild winters and summers — seldom extremely cold or hot.
• The people are super friendly.

More Details

Coho Ecovillage
1975 SE Crystal Lake Drive, unit 222

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  • 541-752-1784
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