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Jones Design Studio

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Jones Design Studio, PLLC (JDS) is an architecture and consulting firm with headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At JDS, we are dedicated to building beautifully. We build beautifully when we are mindful of the impacts of our decisions on owners, occupants, neighbors and the environment. We define good design as that which improves lives and heals communities while being a good steward of the environment.

At Jones Design Studio, we believe in creating POSITIVE CHANGE. FOR EVERYONE.

We are improving lives. We provide life-changing environments for people. We create healthy indoor environments and engaging exterior environments.

We are healing communities. We believe in bridging gaps and bringing people together. We focus on design that supports community and is a reflection of the culture of its place.

We are good stewards of the environment. We create sustainable buildings that use less energy, less water, less toxins, and less harmful materials resulting in more daylight, more connection with nature, more energy security, more beauty, and more health.

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5103 South Sheridan Road #503

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Molly Jones

  • 888-537-6656
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