Looking for others who wish to establish a sustainable, supportive, multi-age co-housing community in Southern Oregon for neurodiverse adults to live independently among others who share similar interests and lifestyle.

Looking for others who wish to establish a sustainable, supportive, multi-age co-housing community in Southern Oregon for neurodiverse adults to live independently among others who share similar interests and lifestyle.

General Information

Do you have an unrelenting concern about how your adult offspring will get along in this world without your support when you are gone?
Have you discovered that adequate, affordable and appropriate housing is simply not available for those who needs a little extra assistance with the practical aspects of adult living?
Might community living help to alleviate the extreme social isolation that you or your loved one experiences because of a disability?
Are you ready to invest your time, energy, money & expertise into creating a solution to meet these unique housing needs?
If your answers are yes, read on...

GOAL- To form a core group of parents and individuals who desire to work together to create a sustainable co-housing community in Southern Oregon.
MISSION - To form a supportive community which fosters independence, enhances inclusion and alleviates social isolation for neurodiverse adults that will be sustainable throughout their lifespan.
VISION- A low-key co-housing community in or near a town (biking distance) with useable land for gardening, farming, roaming and exploring. Primary residents will be neurodiverse individuals with minimal support needs. Each resident will own their own self-contained home (cabin, tiny house, yurt, etc.) and there will be a main house for social gathering, hanging out, sharing meals. Unlike other communities where a certain level of social engagement and active participation is not only expected, but required, residents will be afforded the option of participating on any level they feel most comfortable with. There will be onsite support person(s)- hired and/or family members and volunteers.
VALUES- Respect and love of nature, organic gardening, natural foods. Socially progressive, spiritually eclectic. No use of toxic chemicals, strong scents or tobacco.

Resident one:
-44 year old male
-Avid organic gardener - enjoys making rich compost and soil and growing unusual fragrant flowering plants that attract bees & humming birds.
-Prefers healthy, organic foods. Omnivore.
-Creative, glassblower, seamster, master recycler.
-Likes to watch movies and check out Facebook.
-Enjoys hiking, exploring trails, swimming in lakes & rivers, hot springs, bicycle rides, snowboarding, music festivals & concerts, winter trips to Costa Rica and other warm countries.
-Attracted to all things that shine, sparkle, glow-in-the-dark as well as colorful, psychedelic, changing patterns.
-Enjoys utilizing Craigslist for finding free, useful items and posting homegrown starts and plants for sale.
-Able to drive and owns a car.
-Enjoys brief interactions with other people, tends to be mostly quiet and reclusive.
-Likes to be near people and activity but prefers to hang out on the fringes.

About me, the writer of this ad: Though I don’t necessarily intend to be a resident, it seems appropriate to write a little about myself since we may be working together… I live in Eugene Oregon. I am a quiet homebody, organic gardener, visual artist, nature dweller, trail walker, music lover, freestyle dancer, liberal/left wing, "Jill of All Trades"- master of some. I have a 44 year old son on the autism spectrum who is highly capable but experiences extreme isolation because of social challenges. As an aging parent, I have begun to realize that it is up to me to create the housing solution that we have been searching for, but have not, as yet, found. Since coming to terms with this, I have discovered that there is a nation-wide movement driven by parents such as myself who find themselves in exactly my position. I have learned that the very first step in this endeavor is to find others who share my desire to create a solution for the severe lack of affordable, practical, long term housing for those who need some extra support to live independently and without isolation.

This project is in the inceptive stage of gathering interested, like minded folks. Ultimately, this venture will take its own shape and character as we discuss and develop our ideas and ideals together. Understand that this will possibly be a few years in the making - hopefully less, depending on the expertise, assets and momentum of the participants.
If you have the desire, time and energy to pursue helping to make this vision become a reality, please contact me.

If you are interested, please tell me a bit about your loved one, yourself and your vision. I look forward to hearing about what drew you to my ad.

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Neurodiverse Co-Housing Village
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