Two rooms for rent in 3-BDR shared condo in Cotati CA Cohousing

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This listing is for 2 rooms available in a shared unit. Details below. However, if you would like to be on the FrogSong Cohousing Interested Persons List for other rentals or sales that may come available in the future, please fill out this form to be on our list for future announcements:

Currently available - Two rooms for rent in a 3-bedroom condo at Frogsong Cohousing. $1400 for a couple or an individual who wishes to occupy both rooms OR 2 individuals who would pay $800/each (Utilities included). Deposit is the rate of 1 month's rent. One room is available now, the second room will be available AUG 1.

Sorry, no additional pets. (Unit already has one dog)

If you are interested in one or both rooms, please read the full posting carefully and respond to all questions at the bottom of the post.
There are 2 rooms available (one year lease), with each room measuring approximately 9' x 15'. The downstairs rooms share a full bath. (total for the unit is $2800). The bottom floor of this condo is up one flight of stairs (above a bakery) and the condo itself is dual-level. You will be on the first floor of the condo. There is a brightly lit living room/kitchen. Kitchen has a gas stove, dishwasher, a new microwave, and ample kitchen storage. There is in-floor heating and a well-insulated space that stays cool in the spring and summer seasons. Bathroom is mid-sized with a full bath/shower.

I am a queer female in my early 30s. I have a rescued 6-year-old miniature dachshund named Pluto. I am a professional who works in the nonprofit profit sector (hybrid, partly from home). I enjoy going to see live music, painting, going on hikes with my dog, and gardening. I am mellow, light-hearted, responsible, and respectful of others, looking for the same.

I envision appropriate housemates as folks who value the philosophy of the community and who view the community expectations, outlined below, as enriching to their current passions, career, and lifestyle. Co-housing does not mean a lack of personal boundaries or an expectation to be social every waking moment. I am an ambivert who balances time with friends/family and my co-housing community with doses of private time/seclusion.

A good fit may consist of a graduate student attending SSU or aa a working professional who could utilize both rooms, with one as an office space.

The community was established nearly 18 years ago and has 30 units (about 50 adults and 6 kids). The other residents are professors, scientists, doctors, teachers, therapists, etc. The majority of the community has raised their children here. Current ages range from 2 y/o to ’70s, there are some members who are in their 30s/40s. Kids range from age 2-18.

There are optional common meals 2-3 times a week, expected monthly meetings and landscaping parties, and other opportunities as desired to socialize and work on community projects.

I ask that any potential housemate be vaccinated and willing to follow CDC guidelines as we endure the current pandemic.
About Cohousing philosophy and its expectations:

People who have chosen to live here agree to the participation commitment that all able-bodied adults make when moving into the Frog Song Cohousing Community, whether they are owners, renters, or those who otherwise make this community their primary place of residence.

These commitments include:

Participation on a meal team, i.e. cooking and cleaning a community meal once per month;
Participation on at least one committee;
Participation at the monthly community meetings (2nd Sundays from 3-5:30), and;
Participation in monthly landscaping parties (1+hr/mo) plus the “all day” work days (held three to four times per year).

The Frog Song Cohousing Community uses a consensus-based decision-making process, and while you may or may not have experience in such a process, we expect that all residents commit to learning about and constructively using the consensus-based decision-making process.

We have found that people who make these commitments, whether they are renters or owners, add enormously to the quality of the community and are personally benefited as well.

Unlike most contemporary housing, this is an opportunity to become part of a community. Cohousing is a form of living that combines private residences with extensive common facilities designed to create a sense of belonging. So you’re not just renting a condominium; you’re becoming part of a place where neighbors know one another . . . just like an old-fashioned family-friendly neighborhood. Cohousing recreates the sense of togetherness, physical security, and community while providing the privacy and stability of individual homes.

Located in downtown Cotati (one hour’s drive north of San Francisco, and just north of Petaluma, CA), Frog Song is a vibrant, multi-generational community built in 2003. 90% of the homes are owner-occupied and have shared ownership (through the Home Owner’s Association) of all common facilities.

In addition to your space, your household will also have the use of our 3,000 square-foot Common House. Unlike “clubhouses” in most condo and apartment complexes, which are oftenwhich often sadly unused, our Common House is designed to be used all the time—as a place for the kids to go, for common meals, music nights, and parties—and has grown to be the center of our community. It includes a kid’s playroom, a kitchen, dining room/dance and music hall, laundry facilities (with a gray water system feeding the adjacent orchard), and a library/quiet room. We also have a courtyard with patio tables and a grill, an always hot hot tub, solar-powered electric charging parking spaces, bike sheds, a workshop, and more. We are close to restaurants and lovely walking paths. Oliver’s Grocery is a 10-min walk.

And unlike most condo and apartment complexes, which really don’t offer much in the way of functional outdoor space, the outdoor areas truly are designed to be used. Your household won’t be confined to a tiny yard or patio. Our land has a well-tended garden and mature fruit trees and shrubs. You can learn more at

If this sounds potentially AMAZING to you, please send answers to the following questions to

#1 Tell me about yourself
#2 Tell me about your interest in cohousing
#3 Do you have any questions or concerns about me, the unit, the terms of the lease, the community, or the commitments?
#4 Are you interested in renting 1 room or 2? If you are interested in 1 room, what considerations would you ask me to have in mind choosing a renter for the second room?
#5 What is your timeline? soonest & latest start date

Again, if you would like to be on the FrogSong Cohousing Interested Persons List for other rentals or sales that may come available in the future, please complete our survey at

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FrogSong Cohousing
$800/mo for 1 room, $1400/mo for 2 rooms

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