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As much as we love our cohousing neighbors, it isn’t always easy to get along with them, make decisions together, and work through conflict productively.  This event is about exactly that, connecting with our community through communication, conflict, consensus and more. We all have growth potential when it comes to our most precious community resource: our connections. 



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Keynote Speaker

Shilpa Jain, Executive Director, YES!

As West African elder, Malidoma Somé says, “Conflict is the spirit of the relationship asking itself to deepen.” Join YES! Executive Director Shilpa Jain for a heart-opening and thought-provoking conversation on building bridges and working with conflicts. She’ll offer a look at what stands in our way as well as share a few practices to bring more awareness and better equip ourselves to transform breakdowns into breakthroughs — to bring forth connection, wholeness, and healing, for ourselves, each other and our world.


The Cohousing Association thanks our sponsors for the 2021 online conference series.

Caddis Collaborative

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Fitch Architecture and Community Design

Jones Design Studio

Schemata Workshop 

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Wonderland Hill Development Co 

Connecting in Cohousing ^ Bios ^ Cost ^ Program ^ Registration ^ Schedule & Sessions ^ Online Conference FAQ