A Nationwide Re-Opening

Re-opening is happening both suddenly and gradually. It is both joyful and challenging. It involves discussions and decisions, new protocols and a return to old habits. In the midst of all that, we are proposing a day of celebration. We’re setting aside our all-day-on-zoom event on June 26 because we suspect that connecting in that way is not what most folks are up for just now. Instead, we’re inviting communities to use that day to celebrate, play, enjoy each other, and share the experience with us through photos and a short show-and-tell zoom call at 4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern. 

Ideas for Gathering

Cohousers are very creative and we know how to play, so we’re sure you’ll have plenty of ideas.  Here are a few thoughts we have about how you might celebrate to get you started – and we’ve added some resources as well.  

Tie Dye Party

Field Day

Movie Night

Dance Party – with contact and distancing areas

Game night

Shaving cream or water balloon fight

Holiday mash up – Roast a turkey to serve with birthday cake, carve some dreidels, hunt for valentines, drape May day ribbons on an evergreen tree, light some candles for – well, don’t all the holidays use candles? 

Karaoke or Sing Along

Crafting Bee

Community Project – build a little library or playhouse, spring cleaning, re-landscape an area, etc. 

Share Your Photos!

Send us photos of whatever you do. Email them to karencohous@gmail.com. If we receive them by 3pm Pacific on June 26, we’ll include them in our show-and-tell that night.  Feel free to send pictures of any event this spring that feels like a “re-opening” for your community. They don’t have to be from June 26.

Photo Contest

Prizes! Just for fun, we’ll be awarding prizes for photos that depict the things we love most about cohousing: joy, connection, creativity, compassion and artistry. Send us your best shots!

Connect Across the Country

Join us for a zoom call at 4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern. We’ll wrap up the day with sharing of our celebrations and experiences around reopening. You’ll have a chance to network with other communities and share ideas for everything related to re-opening.  Zoom link is