Cohousing Across the Country – Part 4

Sharing the journey from Atlanta, GA to Anacortes, WA, engaging with community along the way.  

Part 4 of 7

Staff Retreat

You may not know that the Cohousing Association has no actual physical office.  Each of the paid and unpaid people who work to bring you services from the association provides our own office space. The great thing about this approach is that we get input and participation from all over the country.  The down side is that we almost never work together in person. Thus it was a true delight to have four full days of collaborative work in the same physical space with Karin Hoskin.  

Our top priority for our time together was the programming for 2020.  In odd numbered years CohoUS sponsors a biannual national conference, like the one in Portland in 2019.  Even numbered years we attempt to connect with more people closer to home. This time around we are planning both smaller in-person events all around the country, and online events accessible to all.  Our hope is that this gives everyone an opportunity to engage with the incredible community that is cohousing across the US.  

Be on the lookout for the fruits of our labors.  We are working with host communities to confirm dates and locations so that we can publish the 2020 Simple Series schedule.  I can tell you this much: there will be something for everyone and it’s going to be great!

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