Cohousing Across the Country – Part 5

Sharing the journey from Atlanta, GA to Anacortes, WA, engaging with community along the way.  

Part 5 of 7

Solidarity Collective in Laramie WY

Cohousing isn’t the only form of intentional community alive and well in the US. We have much in common with other groups that choose to live together, share resources, and support one another in life’s endeavors. One path toward affordable options may be to follow the lead of communities who share more and hold more of their property in common. 

The Solidarity Collective is one such community and it was a unique pleasure to spend time with them as I made my way toward home. By this point in the journey, my mother had joined me and Yana Ludwig greeted us on the porch of their beautiful victorian home.  Mom’s eyes lit up over and over again as she oohed and aahed over moldings and fireplaces. The incredible potential of this property is evident everywhere you look.  

Yana described how they had been able to purchase the home, property and additional buildings. Partly it was because of the distressed state they were in at the time. I’m a firm believer that working together builds relationships like nothing else, and that is exactly what the members of the Solidarity Collective are doing to combine the inner beauty of their property with the dream of community. The result is already impressive and the vision for the future is just beginning.  

The other essential element to bring this project into being was the willingness of someone with more financial privilege than any of the members of the collective who offered friendly financing in an act of cross-class solidarity. It was essential that the collective was able to purchase the property with money borrowed on more favorable terms than a bank would have allowed. In turn, the investor has the opportunity to make a real difference in the world with the money loaned.  

Naturally, Yana and I enjoyed great conversation.  We process folks are spread across the country and it is a rare treat to share in person.  We lamented the pain of Robert’s Rules, celebrated connection in its many forms, debated the boundaries between various versions of intentional community, and solidified a friendship that we will enjoy for years to come.  

If you are looking for inspiration for your collaborative spirit, take a look at the Solidarity Collective (  They are doing incredible things from a deeply cooperative energy.  

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