Cohousing Returns to the Radio with Alice & Jerry

Last night (June 11), Going Home with Tony welcomed Alice Alexander of Coho/US and Jerry McIntire, founding member of Stone’s Throw Ecovillage in Virqua, WI on air. This was a follow-up to the April 12th discussion with Alice, Katie McCamant (of CoHousing Solutions) and Chris Bentley (journalist who wrote Can Boomers Make Cohousing Mainstream?)
Tony, Alice and Jerry talked about cohousing’s history, the movement’s growth and aging-in-community. Alice discussed the National Cohousing Conference, and Durham Cohousing where she lives, and which generously hosted hundreds of attendees for a reception during the Conference. Jerry shared stories about his experience with building community and the importance of cohousing for families. They both spoke so well – and with a tendency towards note-taking – I wrote down some of my favorites.
Here’s a link with some great quotes from the show if you’re interested.
You can listen to the recording here. Share as you see fit – always encouraging to see the cohousing discussion popping up in new places!

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