Cohousing: The New American Family

The author of a recent article in Christianity Today examines how cohousing’s “radical hospitality” can be an inspiration and opportunity for churches to follow. Both Alice Alexander of Coho/US and Courtney Martin, Temescal Commons Resident and author of The New Better Off (which I just started reading, and wow – already highly recommend!) are interviewed.

“When Courtney Martin first joined Temescal Commons, a cohousing community in Oakland, California, it was a simple explanation of group meal logistics that brought her to tears. In a world where people live in “a constant state of application”— applying to jobs and schools and for mortgages and insurance, etc.—being welcomed and deemed worthy simply for showing up was a complete reversal, she writes.

By creating bonds of sharing and interdependence beyond the nuclear family, these communities embody a concrete response to troubling aspects of modern existence. They show that it is possible to be a good neighbor (locally and globally), to rely on and be relied upon by others, and to make small but sure dents in overwhelming social problems.”

Read the full article online here.

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