Association Supporter

Association Supporters offer financial support of $1000 per year or more.  

Strategic Partner

Strategic Partners are organizations that share our mission in some way and offer mutual support for our overlapping causes such as shared advertising or collaboration on events.


Like most non-profits, The Cohousing Association relies heavily on volunteers. Your talent could be put to good use strengthening the cohousing movement on a committee or the board of directors.  

Community Launch Program

Community Launch partners are forming communities who support us financially in exchange for our support primarily to their marketing program.  

Professional Launch Program

Our Professional Launch partners are new professionals in the world of cohousing. They share their knowledge with the cohousing community and we introduce them to communities that might need their services. 


Our WebChat program connects cohousing professionals and their knowledge with communities who need them. Professionals can support the program by presenting a topic of interest to them.  Community members and seekers can support it by attending the live recordings by zoom and sharing their thoughts and questions.  We also welcome WebChat sponsors whose financial support allows us to continue to offer this program.  


Our blog is for sharing all kinds of stories and information about cohousing.  We welcome your input whether you are a cohousing professional or a member of a community with an interesting story to tell.  We love to hear about the lived experience of cohousing.  

Sponsor a Webpage

Webpage sponsors offer financial support to keep our website working well and are recognized on a content page of their choice.  

Directory Listing

By keeping your community or professional listing current in our directory, you help all of us stay connected.