Community Partnership Program

Partnership Programs are a smart investment, and an effective way for your community to learn and grow. From free online events and discounted live conferences; to free advertising and directory highlight; to mentoring from experts, your community will get better and better at doing what you do. As a Community Partner, you’ll also be investing in CohoUS in creating more and better cohousing.
What’s new for 2022?
CohoUS is continuing the Community Partner Program for 2022 very much like the 2021 program.  Same (and more) great benefits, same low price. The big difference is that for 2022 we will be coming together (in person!!!!) for a National Conference in Madison.
Benefits for 2022 will include all of the below and more as we build it:
• Discounted registration for the National Cohousing Conference in Madison, WI August 2022
• Free access to online events in 2022
• Access to CohoUS’ full library of recorded event sessions, sorted by event or topic. (Over 150 sessions)
• Classified Listings for Resales on our website and in our eNews 
• Highlighted Directory listing (available only to our partners)
• Support for the cohousing movement, CohoUS, and the many public services we offer, including, the cohousing directory, and more 
• And a live/virtual personal connection with a board member, staff member, or a member of our newly formed Advisory Council. In fact we’d love to attend a community meeting to say hi!  
Still Forming? 
Find our Community Launch Program for forming and building communities here.
Community Investment: $750 – single payment for 2022
Small communities of less than 15 households, please contact us for a further discounted rate. 
How do I sign up?
Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. If you have not received your paypal invoice or event access information within 5 business days, please send a follow up email to
What if I don’t have a community yet?
Join us as an Individual Partner here
Are other Communities doing this?
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If your community is listed above, there is no need to complete this form below.