Community Renewal: Re-engage, Recommit and Revitalize

Are you observing any of these symptoms of burnout and disengagement in your community:

· Participation at community meetings, in work projects and on teams has decreased

· Difficulty with leadership development: vacant leadership positions or the same people are in leadership roles in perpetuity

· Signs of unresolved conflict such as people going out of their way to avoid specific people in your community

· Gossip about community members is increasing

· Confusion about who to go to within the community about specific concerns and issues

· “Authorities” within or outside of your community are contacted instead of people speaking directly with a community member

· Things have changed in the community, but not for the better: it doesn’t look as attractive, more money is going to upkeep, there is less interaction within the community

If so, click here to sign up for this pre-conference intensive Community Renewal: Opportunities to re-engage, recommit and revitalize your established community offered at the 2017 National Cohousing

Conference in Nashvile.

This intensive session will provide you with tools and a process to revitalize your community.

Ronnie Rosenbaum, MS

Community Facilitation and Family/Elder MediationCreating Solutions Together



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