Conference Bus Tours: Spend Time In Community!

While there is an abundance of information on our Coho/US website about the variety of cohousing communities, as well as the option to post inquiries to the Cohousing-L list serve, nothing compares to spending time at a community. Whether you are forming a community and in the process of learning all that you can, or living in an established community and wanting to observe how others do things, this is time well spent. Coming up this month there are two fantastic opportunities to experience a variety of communities including National Cohousing Open House Day (April 29th) or attending a bus tour during the Regional Conference.

Regional Conference Bus Tours on Sunday April 22 – register here *note: must already be registered for the Conference

Tour Option 1: Nyland Cohousing since 1992, 43 units on 43 acres, runs a CSA from community farm propertySilver Sage Village since 2007, 16 units on 1 acre, senior cohousing communityWild Sage Cohousing since 2004, 34 units on 1.6 acres, green built urban infill

Tour Option 2: Aria Cohousing since 2017, 28 units on .6 acre, retrofit of a former conventHearthstone since 2001, 33 units on 1.6 acres, in urban DenverHarmony Village since 1996, 27 units on 5.5 acres, featuring an orchard and labyrinth

Tour Option 3: Greyrock Commons since 1996, 30 units on 16 acres, including unique kids play spaceRiver Rock Cohousing since since 1999, 34 units on 3.4 acres, contributed to revitalization of “Old Town’Lyons Valley Village since 2006, 18 units on 2 acres, supported each other through the flood of 2013

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