Conference Slideshow & Reflection

WOW. I’d wager it’s not just me feeling giddy after this weekend’s Conference. It’s even hard to choose a standout moment.

As a pre-Conference volunteer, I had a chance to see some of those gears cranking in the months leading up to May, and really, just got a small taste of the enormous amount of organizing, passion and many, many, many hands involved.

This convergence was the product of so much thoughtful planning (the trick of course is making it look so seamless and easy!) So, THANK YOU to all the incredible Conference sponsors and volunteers, most especially U.S. Cohousing, with Alice at the helm. I know I walked away with a deeper appreciation for the movement and a myriad of both time-tested and new ideas to spark successful communities. It was an honor to witness that in action.
For a reminder of all the organizations/businesses/communities involved, here’s the slideshow I created for the Friday Night Keynote dinner:


Anyone interested in the social media buzz about the Conference: take a look at the photos and discussion on the Twitter page.

And one last plug 🙂 If you haven’t filled out the Conference survey yet, help shape the 2017 Conference by doing so here.

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