Conscious Aging in Cohousing (from ChangingAging)

Last week, an excellent article launched a cohousing discussion on Dr. Bill Thomas’s ChangingAging site. The author Beth Baker wrote the well-received book With a Little Help from our Friends—Creating Community as We Grow Older, which profiles cohousing communities. Beth interviewed members of Sand River Cohousing – originally ElderGrace – given an AARP Livable Communities Award.

Wise words from a veteran of intentional living: Willow reflects, “I thought a wonderful way to age in place was to age with other people who are also at that point in their lives where we were finished raising our families, and really embarking on a new adventure. For many of us, our career enthusiasm was something of the past as well. So the focus was more on living creative, vibrant lives as we were aging. And to encourage and support each other to live in a healthy way and to stay active.”

Read the rest of the article here.

With luck, someone from this model community will be at the 2016 Cohousing Conference on Aging Better Together! And perhaps you or someone from your community will be there to join the conversation too?

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