Cultivating Resilience at the Regional Cohousing Conference

Let’s talk resilience! That’s what I’ll be doing at the Regional Cohousing Conference this year and I hope you all are coming and want to dig in to that concept. What does it mean for our communities to be resilient: economically, ecologically and socially?

I’ve been playing in the domain of community for a couple decades now, and most of what I know about resilience was learned on the ground in the daily life of cooperative living. And guess what? The world needs what we know right now! So how about if we meet in Boulder in April and explore together both how to do things better for all of us who are cooperative living fans, and how to take what we know out into a wider world that seems determined right now to melt down in a spectacular showing of divisiveness and ecological waste.

I’ll be there. Will you join me? More info on my intensive offering can be found here.

Watch an interview with Yana here.

Yana (Ma’ikwe) Ludwig is a cooperative culture pioneer and the author of Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption.

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