Dallas Visit: Encouraging Cohousing in the Big State of Texas

I enjoyed a visit to Dallas last weekend, at the invitation of entrepreneurs Angela Alston and Hugh Resnick, who have spearheaded Dallas Cohousing, a group forming in urban Dallas. We held a public presentation at a co-working venue, The Grove (another impressive example of collaboration) followed the next day with a roll-up-the-sleeves discussion with a smaller group.

About 35 folks from myriad networks joined us the first day, with myriad questions, and I was pleased at the enthusiasm and curiosity. With no established cohousing community in Texas to provide a model, it’s a challenge to get traction! Two folks from Denton, about 40 miles northeast of Dallas via a rail line, are on a mission to create cohousing there – and I believe they will make it happen. Wildflower EcoVillage was also present – a forming group in rural Greenville, about 50 miles northwest, focused on permaculture and off-grid possibilities.

We are fortunate to have Ty Albright joining the Coho/US Board of Directors to help support these initiatives. Ty lives in Carrollton, 20 miles from downtown – another area ripe for cohousing, particularly among his current neighbors of empty nesters. As part of CoHousing Solutions 500 Communities program, and a student of alternative housing solutions and living strategies, Ty is inspired to grow cohousing in Texas.
Stay tuned!

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