Dealing with Diverse Personalities: Arcosanti Retreat

Everyone has one. It doesn’t matter what your gender is, or your ethnicity. Whether you are young, old, tall, short, liberal, conservative, gregarious or introverted, you have one, and so does every other person on the planet.

What is it?

A personality.

Some people even have multiple personalities, and we all know that we act differently at work than we do at home.

We interact differently with our parents than we do with our children, or the person next door.

But, when we intend to build a harmonious community, it is sometimes challenging to create a collaborative environment with people who are so different from us. “If only they would understand things the way that I do,” we say to ourselves. “If only.”

Creating community takes commitment. Things do not always turn out the way that we personally envisioned them.

Conflicts arise. Feelings are hurt.

And yet, we strive to live in communities where people are able to work out their differences and build towards a better whole.

On September 30th, and continuing for two more days, there will be a retreat which addresses these issues for people who are committed to living in successful Cohousing communities. It will be held in the secluded environment of Arcosanti, in the highlands of Arizona. The event will be intimate and active, with a participatory format for merely fifty people. We invite you to join us for this unique experience.

Visit 2016 Arcosanti Cohousing Retreat

Jeffrey Zucker

resident – Board of Directors – The Cohousing Association

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