Acequia Jardin

Senior, Suburban
2300-2340 Rio Grande Blvd NW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104
  • Move in year :
  • 2013
  • Number of units :
  • 2-10
  • Land size:
  • <2 acres
  • Developed acreage :
  • <2 acres


Acequia Jardin is a community inspired by both traditional New Mexican villages and close-knit “pocket neighborhoods.” Our name comes from the Spanish acequia (irrigation ditch) and jardin (garden) and was chosen because of the historic Duranes Acequia that waters our community garden. Through a combination of neighborhood design and shared values of simplicity and living in harmony with the environment, we have created a community that encourages interacting with neighbors and looking after each other.
Home ownership includes a one-tenth share of the community garden, guest casita, community room, and common lands. To manage and maintain our common property we meet every other month to make consensus-based decisions. Residents volunteer for specific tasks best suited to their inclinations and schedule. For larger tasks that need many hands we have occasional “work days” sometimes followed by a meal. We do employ occasional laborers for tasks larger than our skills or abilities.
Our homes are small and primarily designed for energy efficiency, easy maintenance and aging-in-place. There is no age restriction, but most residents are over age 55.

Shared Property
  • Common House
  • Guest Rooms
  • Community Garden
  • Some units accessible
Welcomes Visitors (fee may apply)
  • Scheduled Tours
Decision Making
  • Modified Consensus
  • No common meals
Meal Participation
  • Optional participation
  • Other
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