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Alastair Townsend, Cohousing Developer, Township Founder

Alastair Townsend

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Dear Cohouser,

As a professional with over two decades of experience in architecture and commercial real estate, I founded Township to provide expert guidance and support to cohousing groups across the United States. My mission is to help communities build neighborhoods that foster social connectivity, leading to longer, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

Traditionally, cohousing groups have taken on the daunting task of navigating organizational, marketing, financial, and construction challenges on their own. While this DIY approach can create a strong sense of shared investment and camaraderie for those with the time and energy, it often leads to burnout, conflict, and even dissolution. It's no surprise that many groups languish without getting off the ground.

At Township, we understand the unique challenges of cohousing development and are committed to helping groups establish proven structures from the outset. Our pragmatic approach strikes a balance between community participation in critical decisions, design, and processes, and our professional management of day-to-day responsibilities. This ensures that your project runs smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on nurturing the relationships that will form the heart of your community.

Cohousing development requires a professional who not only grasps the intricacies of real estate but also understands and embraces the ideals and consensus-driven processes of cohousing and sustainable living. Inspired by the potential of cohousing to realize my career ambition of creating better, more connected neighborhoods, I enrolled in the 500 Communities Program taught by Katie MacCamant, a foundational pioneer of the US cohousing movement. Through this partnership, we offer:

• Proven marketing strategies to build your community's critical mass
• Establishing realistic budgets and schedules early in the process
• Legal and financial structures tailored specifically for cohousing
• Select a suitable site with the necessary infrastructure
• Access to a team of qualified cohousing professionals
• Assess sustainable building options
• Facilitation of participatory design workshops
• Engagement strategies for local communities and officials
• Sourcing and securing construction financing
• Overseeing construction and proactively managing the budget
• Supporting move-in and implementing sustainable community structures

Any real estate development comes with inherent risks that can threaten a project's budget, timeline, or even lead to foreclosure. Rising construction costs, stricter lending practices, and increasing regulatory complexity only amplify these risks. With so much at stake, why should your group navigate these challenges alone?

As a tech-forward company based in Seattle, Township is well-equipped to partner with cohousing groups nationwide. If you envision building a thriving cohousing community, I invite you to visit our website and schedule a convenient time to discuss your goals one-on-one. I’m eager to start planning a successful blueprint for turning your vision into reality.

In Community,

Alastair Townsend

P.S. – Township also advises other developers, land owners, and faith groups on how they can foster cohousing on their property. Whether you’re planning to create a vibrant, multi-generational neighborhood within a larger development, seeking a graceful aging-in-place solution, or exploring ways to sustainably steward your land and leave a lasting legacy, we're here to help you unlock the community-building potential of cohousing.

Last modified June 12, 2024


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