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Alison Heiser

South-East states: TN, Alabama, GA, Mississippi or SC
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  • acheiser1@aol.com
  • Phone :
  • 223-322-1875
  • Location :
  • York, Alabama
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Why I’m interested:

I will retire in one year. I will be 62, and I have a very small family. I want to live in a community with community meals, gardens and shared activities. I want to communicate with my neighbors. Equally as important as living in a connected community, I also want an environmentally friendly one. I envision having as many off-the-grid features as possible and home that are small and sustainably built.

Other information:

I currently live in the beautiful state of PA and am seeking warmth and no more snow. I am also seeking an affordable state. One that does not take pensions or social security. I am looking for others who would interested in forming a new cohousing community with the same ideals – connectedness and living green.


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