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Courtyard of Bay State Cohousing (photo: Naho Kubota)

Anda French, AIA

French 2D Architecture
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  • 617-281-5751
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  • Boston, Massachusetts
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  • Design


French 2D is a Boston-based architecture studio founded by Jenny French and Anda French, AIA, specializing in cohousing, compact living, and experimental collective environments.

French 2D's work centers collaboration across multiple scales, from cohousing to participatory events/installations to urban-scale textiles and progressive housing. During the design process for the recently completed Bay State Cohousing community, French 2D was instrumental in advocating for and influencing a of a new cohousing zoning ordinance for its community. The design for this 30-unit urban cohousing project was recognized with a Progressive Architecture Award from Architect Magazine, and has nominated for several others. French 2D is Design Vanguard winner (Architectural Record), and a 2023 Finalist for the Architectural Review’s Emerging Award. The firm’s work has been featured in Dwell, Metropolis, Domus, The Architect’s Newspaper, and exhibited widely. In addition to architectural practice Anda and Jenny are actively engaged in the education of young designers to value a collective and sustainable future in housing. Anda is a Visiting Lecturer at the Princeton School of Architecture. Jenny is an Assistant Professor in the Practice of Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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