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Barbara Trypaluk

Northeast -preferrably Vermont/New York/Massachusettes
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  • Saratoga Springs,
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Why I'm interested:

In these challenging times, I need the support and comradery of like-minded people who want to live close to the land and who believe "a better world" is possible. Why am I drawn to community living? I have visited a number of cohousing communities and have been impressed by the positive vibe and willingness of members to pitch in and work collectively toward common goals like creating beautiful gardens, weeding, tree planting, and firing up the shared heating system in the winter. Other communities share vehicles so that not everybody has to own a car.

Living in a community holds all kinds of possibilities like being able to share meals, play music with other folks and have group sings, put on plays/host poetry readings, learn about Permaculture, and have opportunities to make new friends. The most important aspect of living in community has to do with the question of survival and how to live a sustainable life. Presently, we're seeing the predictions of the book, "Limits to Growth", happening in real time. Given the problems our country is having with infrastructure and worker shortages we've experienced severe supply chain disruptions. As the cost of gasoline skyrockets, our fuel-dependent lifestyles are already becoming unsustainable. Throw the climate emergency into the mix and we'll be faced with serious food shortages and social mayhem. Trump supporters are already preparing for these types of events. Richard Heinberg predicts that as more people abandon the cities, life will become less cosmopolitan and more tribal. So, therefore, doesn't it make sense to live in a small resilient community --preferably in the country --that grows its own food, uses energy wisely, and is not at the mercy of the capitalist system?

Other information:

I envisage living in a community that has at least 30-50 acres of open fields, woods, and a pond. I think racial diversity is important and am open to living in a community with individuals of different sexual orientation.
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