Barry Kaufman

North Georgia or Western North Carolina
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  • Roswell, Georgia
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My wife and I have been exploring it, I am somewhat embarrassed to say, for decades. We have visited cohousing places along the eastern seaboard, but business/family/timing all know how it goes. But I am done with this hole, this lack of a community of like-minded folks in my life; I feel like I, like we have way to much chutzpah and joy to bring; I am done with feeling unrooted. I am from time to time an avid gardener, carpenter/handyman, and permaculture-fan. I hope to take all of this time and energy typically spent on either trying to making money in the tech space and apply it to creating non-monetary value for me, my loved ones and to share in positive endeavors with other. We are in our low 50s, age wise, and love the idea of building the systems necessary to supplement or food needs, leveraging permaculture principles. We love teh idea of co-creating the way people need to start living, if we don't want our western ways to burn up the planet we love.


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