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Bryan Bowen

Bryan Bowen

Caddis Collaborative
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  • Boulder, Colorado
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Bryan Bowen founded Caddis Collaborative in 2002 (originally bba). Caddis is a multidisciplinary design collaborative that explores ways of living more lightly upon our earth in beautiful, healthy environments. A leader in sustainable design, net-zero homes, urban infill, and livable communities, Caddis applies sophisticated design and creative solutions to every project. In addition to our skills in architecture and entitlement, our expertise in grassroots community engagement is essential for large-scale projects, specifically that of multifamily housing, new-urbanist neighborhoods, resort development, and institutional projects. Our work is creative, diverse, and eclectic, since we are responding to each opportunity with open eyes and no stylistic agenda.

Bryan has been a practicing architect since 1995 and is dedicated to the design of sustainable neighborhoods and eco-buildings, all with the vision of creating great places for people. Bryan's work includes cohousing, single-family homes, deep energy-retrofits, affordable and multifamily housing, mixed-use projects, community planning, and commercial new-build design. Bryan served two terms as a member of the City of Boulder Planning Board, sat on the Design Advisory Board, Landmarks Board, and Housing Advisory Board as well as participating in several major initiatives like the Missing Middle, Form Based Code, and Downtown Design Guidelines, the Co-op Ordinance, and advocated for increases in inclusionary housing.
Bryan walks the talk – his family lived in Wild Sage Cohousing for 17 years and Caddis offices in Studio Mews, both in the heart of Holiday Neighborhood in north Boulder. His home at Wild Sage and their EV’s electricity are provided 100% by the sun, and his family tries hard to keep a light footprint. Bryan loved his life in cohousing and revels in the simple benefits of community – friends right outside the front door, casual interactions, great food, a rich life for his kiddos, but mostly happy hours and time in the wood shop.

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