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We got married over COVID!

Carly Stevenson

California or Pacific Northwest
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  • Los Angeles, California
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Greetings! We are a vibrant and health-conscious couple in search of a warm and inviting cohousing community in California or the Pacific Northwest. At the ages of 29 and 31, we are excited to begin the journey of starting a family.

We firmly believe in the power of food as medicine and prioritize highly nutritious, whole foods in our diet. By embracing a holistic approach to health, we challenge the flaws in big pharma and public education. Whether we're relishing raw milk and eggs or savoring pasture-raised meats, nourishment and vitality are at the heart of our culinary choices.

In addition to mindful eating, we dedicate regular time to meditation and breathwork, cultivating inner balance and harmony. As accomplished sales professionals, we are eager to contribute our expertise in fundraising and local product sales to support our cohousing community.

Residing in a beautiful yet expensive neighborhood of Los Angeles, we seek a cohousing community that shares our values, allowing us to save money while providing a nurturing environment for our family. Our ideal community would foster inclusivity, multigenerational connections, and encourage homeschooling, all while celebrating the importance of wholesome nutrition and mindfulness.

While we appreciate the proximity to Orange County, where my husband's family resides, we are open to exploring alternative options that better align with our perspectives. In the absence of our cherished family ties on the East Coast, we are excited to build new connections within a cohousing community that embraces our holistic lifestyle.

We look forward to learning more and thank you for reading :)
Last modified May 23, 2023


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