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  • Pleasant Grove, Utah
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During Covid I was trying to find community yet realize there are not many 'intentional community Co-ops in Utah. Salt Lake County has Wasatch Gardens, yet it is in a high crime, noise polluted area, with prices above my limit as A Single Mom of 2. I really hope to meet others who may want to buy a cheaper apartment complex or RV Community in the less expensive Utah County instead. Community means trusting others to become an extended family, sharing life together in a respectful, fun and positive way. Especially looking for other single parents, or lower-income parents and quality individualistic single people to cocreate a thriving center together. Money should'nt be the #1 deciding factor in building a community. Why not an affordable one where everyone can live?

Other information:

Open to sharing a multilevel housing community safe for Single parents and kids....even if its only 3 families in 1 big house.
Last modified July 23, 2023


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