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David Blackmore

South of Pennsylvania
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  • Kimberton, Pennsylvania
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Why I'm interested:

I am an Intentional community member since 2015. I own to-date almost one half of a planned but so far unbuilt home in the Altair Ecovillage in Kimberton Pennsylvania. Even tho I always pull my own weight my membership there is always in question, as is everyone elses, also due to the EcoVillage having perpetual troubles with the local governing township over its zoning issues. The future is, since 2015 still in doubt, and i would like to finalize community plans and move in, ... somewhere, ... with community.

Other information:

Looking for another to join me in a my so-far-individual search for a suitable CoHousing/Ecovillage lifestyle. I bring a multitude of experience in dealing with and organizing around intentional community issues. Trained in sociocracy, buildings and ground maintenance, financial and wealth management, MEPS contracts, cmte management, landscaping, forestry, mapping, using and editing aerial photography, zoom, Mosaic, Cloud files for collaboration and more. Seeking now a community member for assistance in getting this work of community accomplished in another location, not particularly in Pennsylvania, as Pa. is rather slow in adopting what can be perceived as a liberal concept..
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