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As we get older being in a community with friends and neighbors becomes even more important to our health and happiness. I want to create a community that supports “aging in community” from both a physical and intellectual perspective while providing fun activities, ongoing learning experiences and the ability to live lighter on the planet.

Other information:

I have a partial vision of a community but would like additional founders to help complete the vision. These founders should have similar ideas of what community means to them, the ability to spend time on this endeavor as well as enough financial resources to help fund initial expenditures.
My vision includes
• Adults only
• Roughly 20-30 light and airy private homes
• Common House with appropriate spaces (kitchen, dining, gathering place, guest suites, etc.)
• Accommodations for a caregiver when needed (maybe one that could support several older adults and live in the common house)
• Animal friendly
• Land in the lower Hudson Valley (either side of the river is fine) for gardening, hiking (if not on property, then close by), etc.
• Essential services (food stores, pharmacy, medical services, etc.) within 15-minute drive
• Ideally near water
• Reducing our ecological footprint and sharing things when it makes sense and is cost effective
• Paying for some services to support the community (facility maintenance, snow plowing, cleaning, etc.)
Currently, I live in a single-family home in northern Westchester County, New York with my husband of 30 years. I worked in the corporate world for 20 years and then decided to open my own business. I started it from scratch with a business partner and we grew it to 3 locations and then sold the business 15 years later. I have always enjoyed working with people for a common goal as I feel the result is much better than what one can do on their own. I plan to put the same expertise I have used in my business life towards developing a community. If you think you might be interested in joining me on this journey, please reach out.


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