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Liz Magill

Elizabeth Mae Magill

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  • 508-450-0431
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  • Berlin, New Hampshire
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  • Process


Got conflict? If you've got people you've got conflict. What to do with it? First, assume it is natural! Then, figure out who needs support. I provide a full day training for your entire community (whether or not you have moved in), or just for your conflict/support team, which includes how and when to engage in issues, sample conflicts to resolve, and how to support individuals in resolving their own conflicts. A three-hour training gets at some of this, with less hands-on time, and a 1.5 hour workshop addresses "how to create a conflict resolution team". For facilitation and process teams I have similar workshops around community-wide and decision-making conflict. All workshops are adjusted for your specific context.

Last modified June 25, 2020


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