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Emma Sutton - Marjorie Design

Emma Sutton

Marjorie Design
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  • 3012760556
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  • Silver Spring, Maryland
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  • Dev Consultant


Emma Sutton is a design professional and project management consultant with a background in cohousing, multifamily affordable housing, universal design, and data management. Emma helps communities grow and expand their capacity. She can assist groups at any stage of development, from a forming community to an established one. She has been involved professionally and personally with projects employing community land trusts and limited equity cooperatives and has experience in both the design and development of cohousing communities. Emma is a skilled project manager who can assist groups with everything from designing compressive data management systems (tracking timelines, tasks, decisions, and more) to facilitating design and development workshops. She also supports communities and companies alike with graphic design and data visualization services.

To learn more about Emma's work or to set up a time to chat, visit her website:

Last modified October 2, 2023


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