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Janis S

Anywhere in the world that sparks my interest!
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  • Greenwich, Connecticut
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  • Anywhere

Why I'm interested:

I seek a place to age in place with like minded folks. I also have a vision of 'timesharing' with others who share my wandering spirit.

Other information:

I am retired from 40 years of working hard to build a secure financial future. About 10 years ago I became a volunteer adventure travel leader for a well known outdoors and conservation club in the NE US. That has afforded me the opportunity to see much of the world. I have my favorite spots for returns, and always looking for a new nitch of the world to discover. I am an active senior - I golf, recently took up gardening, movie buff, outdoor recreationalist (nothing hard core!), nature appreciator (maybe a budding naturalist) with a keen interest in archeology and anthropology.
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