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On the Kepler Track, Southlands, New Zealand


Interest in coastal areas, but open to any. In town or near to town/city. International in countries with favorable visa programs (e.g., Portugal)
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  • Greenwich, Connecticut
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  • Anywhere

Why I'm interested: is where it's at! Especially as I advance in age, I see that being a contributing member of an intentional community is "where it's at.". I am seeking a new home where I can age in place and actively engage in a neighborly intentional community.

Other information:

World traveled, active retired, single no kids, financially secure but not wealthy, easy going, enjoy outdoor activity - biking, woodland/beach walks, kayaking. Love music but don't play, enjoy movies and light theater, dining with friends, small groups and quiet private spaces. I have much to offer from my years working and volunteering in public arts administration, public broadcasting, the telecommunications industry, fitness, and travel planning. I am a volunteer leader for the Appalachian Mountain Club's Adventure Travel program. For about 15 years I have been leading small groups (12-16) to locations around the globe, to share light adventure experiences together. I love it and hope to continue this activity as long as I am able! You can see some of my travel "bubbles" at - not advertising here, just giving you a glimpse of who I am and the perspective I bring with me.

I am open to renting; in fact I may prefer it to another home ownership. Long term or even seasonal. I love feeling that I am free to explore the world while maintaining a home base to return to.
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