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Karen Gimnig

Karen Gimnig

Professional Facilitator, Imago Relationships
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  • Phone :
  • 678-705-9007
  • Location :
  • Anacortes, Washington
  • Service Category :
  • Process


Karen Gimnig is a relationship trainer and process consultant with a passion for cohousing communities.
Karen prefers to have long term relationships with communities getting to know them well and providing the ongoing support they need over time to continue to grow together into connected, high functioning communities with effective consensus or sociocratic decision making.
Services offered include:
- Launching a Connected Community
- Consensus Culture, Making it Work
- Conflict, Working Productively When Things Get Tough
- Facilitation for Effective Meetings
- Imago Relationships, Tools for Getting Connected
- Working with Conflict to Support Strong Communities
Support (can be remote)
- Community support for effective structure, process and relationships
- Leadership and facilitation support for effective meetings
- Individual or couple support to help you find your way through the rocky bits and equip you to help your community thrive.
Clients say:
"Thank you, Thank you! Your expert facilitation, transparency, skill, vulnerability, compassion and wisdom were so appreciated by me (and everyone else!)"
"The gain in trust among us was palpable and will have long-lasting benefits."
"From start to finish, Karen brings a professional attitude, strong organizational skills, and — most importantly — a calm and connecting presence to the events she facilitates."
"Profoundly effective."

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