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Katie McCamant

Katie McCamant

CoHousing Solutions
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CoHousing Solutions provides development consulting services to help you create your sustainable neighborhood. Our team pioneered the development of cohousing in North America, and we have helped create dozens of successful, award-winning communities. Our newest venture involves training passionate cohousing entrepreneurs through the year-long 500 Communities Program.

Originally founded by Katie McCamant and Jim Leach as CoHousing Partners in 2006, CoHousing Solutions was born out of a decade-long collaboration between Wonderland Hill Development Company and McCamant & Durrett Architects. Katie is coauthor of the book that introduced cohousing to North America, Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves (1988) as well their most recent edition Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities. She helped to create more than 50 cohousing communities domestically and internationally.
Since the early 1990s, Katie McCamant has collaborated with many dozens of resident groups to build sustainable neighborhoods. Our firm understands how to structure relationships between resident groups (ultimately, the home buyers of a completed project), developers and professional service providers (those with or without cohousing experience) including financiers, builders, contractors, and government officials.

Using a collaborative development model that builds on the strengths of a professional development team, CoHousing Solutions works with resident groups during the earliest stages of community creation. We recognize that each project is unique, and the optimized processes and collaborative systems we have developed ensure that each project reaches a successful completion in a way that respects its particular people, relationships, and circumstances.

Our team knows that there is no reason for you to reinvent the wheel. But with our help you can build a wheel that best suits your needs and the needs of your project. We offer consulting services to cohousing groups, progressive developers, and other community-oriented entities who want to create socially and environmentally sustainable developments.

CoHousing Solutions has direct experience with all aspects of community development. We can assist you with every phase of a project’s development from site feasibility to growing and strengthening your group; from overseeing the political process of planning approvals to outreach and marketing. In addition, we can help you create a viable budget, structure investments, and get financing. We can also facilitate options and upgrades selection, manage the construction process, and prepare the community residents for move-in. We have created, collected, and refined best practices for these development systems and community policies after move-in.

Katie walks the talk, and has lived in cohousing for most of the past twenty-five years. She developed Nevada City Cohousing in 2006 and has called that community home ever since. CoHousing Solutions looks forward to working with you to make your ideal neighborhood a reality.

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