Linda M

Urban setting in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic. Would love to be back in Boston.
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  • Ashburn, Virginia
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Why I'm interested:

Although I have lived alone for 30 years, I enjoy and find fulfillment in being interconnected with a community of others. Moving out of the city and to a new state during the start of the pandemic has been disastifyingly isolating, and the lesson I've taken away from that is my soul needs that essential human connection, too be part of a vibrant and healthy community while also having my own space in which I can safely recharge.

Other information:

I have always been happiest in a progressive LGBTQ+ friendly urban environment where I can live well without having to be dependent on having a car. I previously lived in Boston, MA and my career is still tied to that area. However, I am 100% remote now and open to other cities in the mid-atlantic and northeast US.


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