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Lydia Muñoz

Lydia Muñoz

Seattle Area
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  • Seattle, Washington
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Why I'm interested:

I am recently going through a divorce and a major revelation for me has been the importance and joy that can be found in contributing to and taking part in a community. For myself, I want to connect with like-minded individuals who help build a home that is sustainable, globally conscious, and inclusive. For my children, I want them to grow up learning the value of leaning on and supporting other humans, I want them to be exposed to multigenerational ideas and ways of looking at the world. I want them to build connections with adults they can trust, and I want them to learn the joy that comes from pitching in to their community.

Other information:

I am a high school math teacher at Nova High School in the Central District where we believe in supporting all students and helping them build their knowledge and skills toward liberation from whatever systemic oppression or systemic privileges they've grown up under. At Nova I also take on many leadership positions in which I help organize our bigger structure of learning, from language we use, to technology, to staff training and support. I am also working on a longer term project to rebuild the idea of school. The skills I carry at Nova, I am happy and eager to bring to a cohousing group.

Some other areas I could be helpful include: woodworking, clog removal of most drains, tiling, roof-related problems, cleaning.

I'm not great at but I want to learn: gardening, cooking, meal planning.

Please reach out if you think my family (Claire 4, Calvin almost 2, and myself) would be a good fit for your community.

Last modified June 12, 2024


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