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Based in Brooklyn and founded in 1997, Lynn Gaffney Architect (lga) is a nationally recognized, full-service architecture firm. Lynn Gaffney, is an affiliate of the 500 Communities Program.
We collaborate with top cohousing professionals like Katie McCamant and bring them into the project at the optimum time. At lga, we are distinguished by the range of our work, which is diverse in scale, spatial qualities, and style. We are passionate about collaboration and surround each of our cohousing clients with a specialized team of architects, contractors, and craftspeople to create spaces that serve the individual and the community. Early on, in a consulting capacity, Lynn brings her architectural skills towards site feasibility and zoning analysis. After site acquisition, Lynn Gaffney Architect would seamlessly move into the participatory design process that’s familiar to all cohousers.
To support cohousing locally, lga has also established Cohousing Opportunities Group as a resource, gatherer, and networker for future cohousing communities in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and surrounding areas. Visit for more resources.


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