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River Song Cohousing

River Song Cohousing

Multi-generational, Suburban
172 Oakleigh Lane

Eugene, 97404
  • Move in year :
  • 2022
  • Number of units :
  • 21-40
  • Land size:
  • 2-5 acres
  • Developed acreage :
  • N/A


Check out our latest videos on YouTube: and for one that highlights the river,
Join us as we reinvent the way we live, creating a simpler and more supportive, sustainable community. River Song Cohousing is the first cohousing community in Eugene. A temperate climate, friendly people, and the Pacific Northwest’s famous beauty makes this a wonderful place to live. Cohousing in Eugene makes it ideal!
River Song Cohousing (RSC) is located on 2.2 acres of land along the Willamette River, 10 minutes from downtown Eugene by bike or car, and 15 minutes to the University of Oregon. This land adjoins over 20 miles of city-owned contiguous walk/bike paths. We are here! After a long and often complicated trip we have arrive! There are currently 2 units available, a 4 bedroom, 3 bath town house and a 3 bedroom, 2 bath downstairs unit. Check out our ad in the classifieds Directory. We have 28 units comprised of single-story flats and 2-story townhouses in 2, 3, & 4 bedroom styles across seven buildings, centered on a 3,500 square foot Common House and garden area. Imagine riding your bike from your front door to downtown, where local musicians, artists and craftspeople at the Saturday Market and plants, flowers and fresh vegetables at the Farmer’s Market make shopping a pleasure. Even better, your ride takes you along the Willamette River, where you can pause to float, kayak or fish. It’s a spectacular location that we intend to cherish and steward so that it remains a healthy, vibrant environment. While none of our units are totally wheelchair accessible, our available C unit is just steps from the parking lot and all on one floor. All our units are suitable for retrofitting (for example, the staircases to second floor units are designed to handle the installation of chairlifts). We’ve also designed the roofs to accommodate solar panels in the future.
Our community includes individuals and families from a variety of backgrounds and professions, all committed to working collaboratively and creatively. Our aim is to build a neighborhood of independent households that find a sense of purpose and belonging through working, learning, and playing together. We value facilitation, consensus decision-making, and NVC (nonviolent communication).
Now is the perfect time to join us and share our experience of creating community: in getting to know each better, crafting agreements, and making decisions, we are building the foundation of our community. We welcome and support new like-minded community-oriented folks who are ready to work on the CO part of cohousing as we build.
The city of Eugene offers a near ideal location:
• Integrated parks and pathways, scenic rivers and buttes perfect for all types of outdoor recreation
• Music, theater, sports, and family-friendly festivals
• University of Oregon & community, private colleges
• The Oregon coast only an hour away
• Award-winning local wineries & breweries both in town & the nearby countryside
• A passionate citizenry actively working for improvement at the local, regional, national, and global levels
• Parks and playgrounds, children’s sports and activities for all ages.
• A robust economy with many employment opportunities. The University of Oregon employs staff and faculty, as do Pacific University/Eugene Campus, Northwest Christian University, and Lane Community College/Downtown Campus. Health care and retail trades are also strongly represented. Eugene and adjoining Springfield are known as the “Silicon Shire” with a vibrant and growing technology community. The Willamette Valley wine industry has been called “a wine industry trailblazer,” while government and tourism also make strong contributions.
The only thing missing at River Song is You. Join us in building our sustainable, supportive, earth-friendly neighborhood. Here’s how:
Call or visit our website now for more information about River Song Cohousing: // 541-357-8303
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Shared Property
  • Common House
  • Guest Rooms
  • Community Garden
  • Playground
  • Workshop
  • Laundry
  • Some units accessible
Welcomes Visitors (fee may apply)
  • Common Meals
  • Scheduled Tours
  • Individual Tours
Decision Making
  • Modified Consensus
  • 3-5 meals per week
Meal Participation
  • Optional participation
  • EcoVillage
Contact Information
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Hello! My kids (11 and 17), husband and I are are full members of River Song since April. We are a bicultural, bilingual family (English/Spanish) returning to the US after 15 years living in our home in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Moving to the anonymity of typical cities and neighborhoods in the United States was one of the things that most scared me about leaving Argentina. Here, knowing and caring for your neighbors and the folks working at the local stores is a daily part of our lives. With River Song, I have found the community and natural urban setting I think is so important to raise my kids and live a healthy life. My future neighbors also celebrate diversity and sustainability, two values I am passionate about. Please reach out through the River Song web page and ask for Emily if you would like to have a chat! Saludos! | September 1, 2021

My partner, Sandi, and I discovered River Song through CohoUS in September last year. We quickly realized this group is our tribe and they have created an exciting community project on the banks of the Willamette River. Since finding River Song we have become members and have enjoyed our interactions with several of the River Song teams; Sandi on Membership and Mentoring Explorers, me on the Design Team, both of us on the 'Facilitation Pod.' It is so fun and satisfying seeing how people can work through differences using collaboration and consensus. I can't believe that I assumed democracy was the best way of coordinating the efforts of a group. Now I'm a fan of consensus and I can't wait to see the community we are about to start constructing. The water's fine. Come on in. Let me know if I can give you any insights from my experience (

buddhadude | July 21, 2021

My husband, 21-month-old daughter and I are new members. A dream for me for the last 15+ years, this community is the perfect one for us. Beautiful land near the Willamette River and a conscious, caring, committed group of people to live a community-centered life with. It means a lot that our daughter will have extended family who love her. Breaking ground next month - woo hoo!

kristinabridget | July 21, 2021

I spent a long time researching all kinds of intentional communities and areas to live. Eugene sang out to me, and so I checked in on River Song. The land struck a spiritual chord with me right away. That was last August. I am now part of the community and we are breaking ground soon. I have never felt such a sense of connection and belonging as I do with this group. | July 12, 2021

I've been a member of River Song Cohousing for nearly a year now. From the beginning, the other members of River Song welcomed me with open arms. Due to the pandemic and to many of us being from far-flung places (I live in Texas; others are in Canada, Argentina, and the East Coast), we've all become experts at Zoom. In spite of that, each person has offered their unique gifts to connect meaningfully during business and team meetings, socials, and happy hours, making it easier to get to know one another and to see the beauty in each soul. I was happy to be able to meet most of the membership in person just a couple of months ago, when we met at our site by the Willamette River in Eugene and held a land blessing on Mother's Day. This sacred time together, marked by the quote ribbons we tied to one of the trees on the property, expanded and strengthened our vision and our connection to each other.

Our community is committed to making River Song happen. We've met the challenges of growing the membership, making decisions, and dealing with financial considerations in the wake of a post-pandemic building boom with integrity and kindness. That isn't to say it hasn't been hard at times–it has. But that's community. That's my new tribe. We work through any obstacles that may arise with love and with the help of our development partner in Portland and our process consultant. With the aid of the professionals and our own evolving processes, backed by our collective years of experience, we will be breaking ground soon. Come join us!

Patricia | July 2, 2021
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