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Shervin Esfahani

Shervin Esfahani

San Diego - North East County
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  • San Diego - North East County,
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If Covid has shown anything, it is that we need other people to live better, fuller lives. We can be more efficient, resourceful, happier and more productive if we lean into our interconnectedness and draw on each other's strengths, talents, gifts, knowledge and resources.

I am reaching out to anyone who believes in the human race first and foremost, has a decent work ethic and works on life-long self improvement. As a community, I hope we can build a sanctuary that is as self sustainable as possible in North East County of San Diego. This vision is one where large communal areas are built centrally (living space, kitchen, dining area, exercise, play, study/arts, and spirituality rooms) with clusters pods of 2-4 bedrooms for sleeping that branch out. As we grow, we hope to build additional space for more members. We hope to grow some of own food, harvest rain water, and have a small amount of livestock. Life ie enjoyed when memories are shared with others and we hope to build a mindful community that savors this.

Other information:

To build such a property, each couple will need to have at least 50,000 in cash on hand and each individual 25,000 based on my estimates. I am open to discussing how we can make this community a reality and collaborating with anyone who is excited and ready to make this happen. Please email me if you would like to share ideas or to set up a phone call. Best wishes- Shervin
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