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Name State City Status Move In Year
A Kindred Village Florida Treasure Island Forming 2024
Alice Graves Florida St. Petersburg Either northeastern US
Anastasia Baldwin Florida Milton Multigenerational Austin, TX
DayStar Community Florida Tallahassee Established 1993
Friends and Neighbors Senior Cohousing Florida Lakeland
Friends and Neighbors Senior Cohousing Florida Lakeland Forming 2023
Gabi Silver Florida Davie Multigenerational South Florida
Gainesville Cohousing Florida Gainesville Established 2018
Harmony Terrace of Tampa Bay Florida Tampa Building 2022
Jacob Dummeldinger Florida Tallahassee Multigenerational Tallahassee, Florida
Kathryn L Florida Enterprise Either Any where the weather is predictable like the SW
Kumah South Florida! Florida boynton beach Forming 2013
Marianne Barisonek Florida Hollywood Either South Florida