Discover Cohousing: Sustainable Community Living – Event April 21 (Richmond VA)

Working Together Builds Community!

An exciting cohousing event is happening in Richmond, VA – Richmond Cohousing and The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design are hosting a roundtable discussion on the concept and design principles of cohousing and their role in reshaping modern domestic spaces. “Discover Cohousing: Sustainable Community Living” will be a great opportunity for the public, museum members, architects, designers, and all those interested in how design principles can impact community, to learn about cohousing. But the story behind the event also shows the connections and intentions it often takes to make these opportunities to happen.

In the summer of 2014, as Richmond Cohousing was just starting to look for land, members met with John Zeugner, a friend and longtime fellow Sierra Club member, of one of our members, Adele. John has many interests, including architecture and philanthropy, and is a planner by profession. At a group dinner, John shared his idea of bringing his inspiring and exuberant friend, Greg Ramsey of Village Habitat Design to Richmond for an educational forum on cohousing. In the Fall of 2015, John met with Adele and our cohousing consultant, Lisa Poley, suggesting that the event be held at the Branch Museum. We thought this was a grand idea since the Branch is a fascinating building, a great venue, and we desire interaction with Richmond’s architectural/design community. In the New Year, John got the approval of Helene Dreiling, Executive Director, and Craig Reynolds, Museum Director, and the date was set for April 21st. On February 29th, John, Craig Reynolds, and several members of our Membership and Marketing Committee met to articulate our objectives and formulate a plan.

We did not have much time to prepare! Fortunately, amazing people with expertise in cohousing generously offered to be on the panel: Greg Ramsey principal and chief designer of Village Habitat Design; Sandra Leibowitz founder and managing principal of Sustainable Design Consulting; Dene Peterson founder and developer of ElderSpirit Community; and Lisa Poley an early member of Shadowlake Village who served as their project coordinator and now acts as a cohousing consultant.

We were additionally blessed as Richmond Cohousing members stepped forward with their talents and energy to take on this opportunity: Meg worked on publicity with the Branch Museum staff; Anne, a culinary school graduate, organized the food preparation; John and Caroline put up posters and did a radio interview with our local WRIR station; David agreed to be the moderator of the round table; and many members agreed to set up, greet people, prepare food, serve, clean up, chauffeur and provide hospitality for panelists.

It has been an experience of a community coming together. This is what I love about building our community. It’s the enjoyment of working with others towards a common goal, noticing and appreciating each other’s strengths and capabilities in the process. And, if you are in the Central Virginia area, we’d love to have you join us at the event!

Discover Cohousing: Sustainable Community Living

Thursday, April 21

The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design

2501 Monument Avenue, Richmond, VA

Social hour from 5-6 pm. Program will begin at 6 pm.

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