Durham Coho Opens August 2014

Final construction details are near completion as we prepare to move into our Durham Coho building in August. As the first self-developed urban cohousing community in North Carolina, we are mighty proud of our accomplishment. We take special joy in the recent additions of beautiful gardens, of artistic “sails” on our rooftop terrace, and of our common kitchen appliances that will nourish our shared meals.

While the building boasts impressive design features and sustainable systems, it is the community of kindred spirits we have and are creating that we celebrate the most. Bordering Durham Central Park in downtown, we look forward to urban living at its best.

Our cohousing community comprises 37 members and 24 condominiums. We sold our final unit the day after we broke ground in November 2012, to the disappointment of many who have inquired since about availability. If you are one of those interested in joining us, or another cohousing community in the Triangle NC Region, or are intrigued by our concept of community, we offer these suggestions:

– Sign up to receive updates: http://www.durhamcoho.com/contact/contact.php

– Attend the 2015 National Cohousing Conference in downtown Durham, and visit us two blocks away

For more info on the national conference www.cohousing.org/2015conference

For more info on Durham Coho: www.durhamcoho.com

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